Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education

International meeting on the implementation of ESGs

ASCAL within the project "Supporting European Quality Assurance Agencies in meeting the ESG (SEQA-ESG)" - supported by the EU and directed by the European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) - in cooperation with the Prime Minister's Office and MASR, on 4 November 2020 organized a consultative meeting regarding the steps to be taken for the full implementation of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) in quality assurance in higher education in Albania.

During this meeting, the director of ASCAL gave a description of higher education in Albania, the quality assurance system, the implementation and steps of the accreditation process, etc. The international experts present at this meeting Maria Kelo (ENQA), Colin Tuck (EQAR), Jolanta Silka (AIC), and Cristina Ghitulica (ARACIS) presented the best practices and how they have implemented ESG in their countries.

This meeting is attended by representatives from the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth, the Accreditation Board, rectors and deputy rectors of public and non-public universities, representatives of internal quality assurance offices of public and non-public universities, as well as representatives of student councils.

Representatives of public and non-public HEIs greatly appreciated this meeting, emphasizing that such meetings are very valuable and have a direct impact on the internal quality assurance system as well as on the external evaluation processes they carry out.