Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education


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The Accreditation Board is a collegial decision-making body and independent in its activity, which functions at ASCAL. The activity and functioning of BA is defined in the Law on Higher Education No. 80/2015, Law no. 8480, dated 27.05.1999, on the functioning of collegial bodies, in the decision of the Council of Ministers no. 109, dated 15.02.2017 and its regulation.

BA is composed of 11 members of whom minimum 3 and maximum 5 must be foreign members. All members are personalities of the academic world with a long experience in teaching and scientific researching within and outside the territory of the Republic of Albania.

The members and the chairman of the Board are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister upon the proposal of the minister responsible for education. The mandate of BA members is 4 years. The Accreditation Board was appointed by order of Prime Minister no. 32, dated 17.03.2017 and organized its first meeting on 07.04.2017

Accreditation Board is a continuation of the work of the Accreditation Council established under the Law on Higher Education no. 9741, dated 21.05.2007. New Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research, no. 80/2015, gives AB the competence to make the final decision on the accreditation of higher education institutions and the study programs they offer.

Members of Accreditation Board:

Prof. Dr. Arjan Gjonça
Kryetar i Bordit të Akreditimit

Prof. Dr.
Aleksandër Xhuvani

Prof. Dr.
Anila Paparisto

Prof. As.
Fatmir Guri

Prof. Dr.
Myftar Barbullushi

Prof. Dr.
Sulo Hadëri

Prof. Dr.
Luljeta Minxhozi

Prof. Dr.
Arben Merkoci

Alexander Kolher

Fabrice Henard