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ASCAL participates in the Scientific Forum on the topic "Challenges and Perspectives for an Inclusive Faculty"

Under the auspices of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, at the "Rozafa" library of this faculty, on February 29, 2024, a Scientific Forum on the topic "Challenges and Perspectives for an Inclusive Faculty" was organized. This meeting aims to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the Faculty of Foreign Languages and various actors in higher education, educators, researchers, representatives of policymaking institutions, representatives of non-governmental organizations, social workers, trainers, and other professionals with the goal of enhancing the quality of higher education and services offered to all students, emphasizing the promotion of inclusive education as a right for everyone.

In attendance were the General Director of ASCAL, Dr. Xhiliola Bixheku, the Vice-Rector of the University of Tirana, Prof. Anila Paparisto, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Prof. Esmeralda Kromidha, representatives from several universities and faculties, the Executive Director of the Albanian National Association of the Deaf (ANAD), the Agency of Francophonie Universities in Central and Eastern Europe (AUF), representatives from the Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG), and representatives from the Student Council.

The panelists identified the various challenges present in our university auditoriums regarding access to the social dimension, addressed these issues with a problem-solving focus, proposed concrete measures, and simultaneously identified the steps to be taken to develop a curriculum aimed at social inclusion of students.